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Table reservation CUI design

The high-level design of a conversational user interface (CUI) for table reservation. It includes detailed descriptions of each functionality, providing a shared understanding among stakeholders.

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Reuse reservation module to build chatbot

Reuse a pre-defined module to build a table reservation chatbot and manage resources in Google Calendar and Google Admin, allowing for quick integration of reservation functionality into your chatbot.

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Build a reservation module

Utilize a pre-defined service to build CUI in a module. The step-by-step guide takes table reservation as an example and shows how to customize the service to fit your business needs.

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From schema to snippets: a blueprint for chatbot

Create powerful custom chatbots with schema-driven development. Define interaction logic by starting from a schema, and then use contextual snippets to describe conversational behavior.

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Chatbot development with OpenCUI

Revolutionize chatbot development with open-source CUI framework. Streamline the process with a three-layer approach and necessary adaptations for CUI-based nature to deliver business results.

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