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Ready to unleash your chatbot vision? Dive into OpenCUI, your one-stop platform for building, deploying, and sharing conversational gems. This guide unlocks the door to intuitive, low-code chatbot creation, empowering you to bring your ideas to life - even if you're a coding newbie.

But OpenCUI is more than just beginner-friendly. Developers, rejoice! OpenCUI's seamless GitHub integration opens a world of possibilities.

  • Treasure Trove of Open Source: Tap into a vast library of open-source tools and libraries in our GitHub organization. LUG's NLU superpowers will enhance your chatbot's understanding, while Web-Copilot adds a collaborative copilot experience to any web app. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

  • Contribute & Be Seen: Become a valued member of the OpenCUI community. Contribute your talents to our ever-growing extensions repository, crafting custom functionality for chatbots or blazing trails with new backend methods. Share your expertise and shape the future of chatbot development!

So, whether you're a coding wizard or a curious adventurer, OpenCUI welcomes you with open arms. Get Started Now!

  • Beginner's Path: This guide will hand-hold you through setting up your account, mastering collaboration and community features, and, of course, building amazing level 2 chatbots – perfect for getting your feet wet.

  • Developer Playground: Unleash your coding prowess with GitHub integration. Leverage open-source resources, contribute to the community, and build chatbots beyond your wildest dreams.

OpenCUI is your canvas, your playground, your springboard to chatbot stardom. Grab this guide, dive in, and start creating!

Sign in with GitHub

Since OpenCUI is GitHub-friendly, you can conveniently sign in using your existing GitHub account. Skip the hassle of creating a new account, sign in directly with your Github credentials, which making it easier than ever to jump in and start building.

If you already have a Github account:

  1. Head over to OpenCUI platform and click "Sign in with GitHub".
  2. Follow the prompts to authorize OpenCUI to access your Github profile.
  3. That's it! You're now logged in and ready to explore the world of OpenCUI.

If you don't have a Github account:

  1. Don't worry, it's free and easy to create one! Head over to and follow the on-screen instructions to sign up for an account.
  2. Once you have an account, follow the same steps above to sign in to OpenCUI with Github.

TIP: Remember to verify your email address

According to GitHub's request, you must verify your email address before you can authorize OpenCUI. For more information, see "Authorizing OAuth apps".

Using OpenCUI's tools and processes

Ready to unlock the power of OpenCUI and build chatbots that truly shine? Dive into this guide and discover a different approach, where type-based concepts guide your journey instead of the usual flow-based model. Don't worry, we've got your back every step of the way with structured tutorials designed to make you a conversational maestro.

Jumpstart your adventure

  • Clone an Echo Chatbot: Get your feet wet by replicating an existing agent. Learn to clone and test a simple chatbot, mastering the built-in debug tool in Clone an echo chatbot.

  • Build Your Own Echo Chatbot: Take the reins and build your own version of the echo chatbot! This hands-on guide walks you through the process, solidifying your understanding, see Build an echo chatbot.

Sharpen your skills

  • Reuse with Modules: Don't reinvent the wheel! OpenCUI's modules let you import pre-built functionalities, like the "hours" module. This guide shows you how to seamlessly integrate them into your chatbot, see Reuse an hours module.

  • Build Your Own Modules: Feeling ambitious? Craft your own custom modules like the "hours" one. Learn to develop both the module in Build an hours module and its corresponding backend provider in Build an hours provider.

Reach the world

  • Deploy & Launch: It's time to unleash your creation! This guide demonstrates how to configure your chatbot and connect it to a channel like Messenger, making it accessible to everyone, see Deploy a chatbot.

Collaborate & Conquer

  • Assemble Your Team: Building great chatbots is a team effort. Learn how to effectively manage roles and responsibilities within your agents in Get a team.

  • Master the Workflow: OpenCUI uses a Git-like system for effortless version control. This guide unveils the collaboration workflow, ensuring everyone is on the same page, see OpenCUI workflow.

Dive Deeper

  • 3 Layers of Grandeur: Understand the magic behind OpenCUI's architecture. Discover the principle of separation of concerns, where each layer tackles a specific task, leading to clean, efficient development, see Chatbot in 3 layers.

Remember: OpenCUI's type-based approach might be different, but with these resources and your creativity, you'll be crafting mind-blowing chatbots in no time. So, grab this guide, embrace the power of OpenCUI, and let your conversational dreams take flight!